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1/31/2021 Exploring my Spirituality.

Sunday morning. Freezing the black beans I cooked yesterday. Cooking rice now. Washing dishes, and I got the feeling. The feeling I have gotten many times. Times when I was on my way to do something that would assist others. Times when I had made a decision to take on something else. Something else that would be considered “out on the skinny branches of life” to most people.

It took me years to notice. I would get “chills” or goose bumps. The feeling was not uncomfortable, was only fleeting, and then would go away. Now that…

Last Sunday I was participating in the Facebook live streaming of morning services of the Baptist church of my childhood.

The minister, who is a lifelong member of the church, shared a story about the circumstances around his joining the church when he was 10 years old. As was the custom, he had a discussion with the senior minister before joining, who described how the service would go. The senior minister asked the 10 year old if he were a sinner, and he said, “NO, I’m not a sinner. I’m only 10 years old!” He shared that he was a…

Yesterday I took my grandchildren to see the Mister Rogers movie, “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.” Having returned to Atlanta from a traveling assignment in NW Alaska only a couple of days before, I was ecstatic that the movie about Mister Rogers was playing and that the children had not seen it. In the recesses of my mind, I remembered Buffy, their mother, remarking last year that she had seen the documentary, “Won’t you be my neighbor?” and she cried, was so touched by the memories it brought to her. The thought of taking them to something that so…

by Mary Rose Campbell

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“What is your religion?” the woman sitting next to me demanded to know. My mind raced as I inquired of my brain how to answer that question. I have tiptoed through many Christian and not so Christian denominations and spiritual paths. I did not know if I wanted to get into the saga of all that at that time and with that person.

In retrospect, the spiritual path I have followed has taken the scenic route. Some experiences, people, objects, or scenery would present itself, I would be intrigued, and then mosey on over to inquire…


Mary Rose Campbell

When I was in High School rummaging through the sheet music I found the sheet music to “Moonlight Sonata” by Beethoven. My sister, Joanne, had played it when she was in High School five or so years earlier. I could not read music, but I could figure out the notes and I was familiar with the rhythm and melody of the piece, so I started learning the piece, memorizing as I went. I got halfway through it before I came to a series of runs that were difficult for me, so I learned no more.


Written on December 22, 2009 In reflection of a Christmas sometime between 1990 and 1993

By Mary Campbell

My stride was purposeful and swift. Get in and get out. I don’t like to shop. I particularly don’t like to shop at the malls. AND I especially don’t like to shop at the malls during the Christmas holidays. For some reason I had it that I needed one more something that I MUST have before Christmas. It was Christmas Eve. The mall was packed. One thing I HAD to have.

Then I heard this blood curdling scream. I was getting closer…

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By Mary Rose Campbell

I was so angry with Ms. Stone. I had tutored math students for several years. It seemed that I got more students from Ms. Stone’s math classes than from any other teacher. It seemed that she not only did not teach well, but also did not seem to understand math at all. But that was not the worse part. Her attitude was one of “know-it-all” to her students. And when a student whom I had tutored had done well on the next test, it was her pattern to accuse them in front of the class of…

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Conversations with my granddaughter yesterday.

On the way to school:

D: I have a ge ge.

Me:You have a what?

D: A ge ge.

Me: What is a ge ge?

D: That’s Mandarin for “big brother.” B is my ge ge.

Me: Oh, did you have Mandarin class yesterday?

D: Yes, we have Spanish on Monday, Mandarin on Tuesday, Music on Wednesday, Ballet on Thursday, and Yoga on Friday.

Then she told me the words for sister, younger brother, and other words.

Swinging in the back yard in the afternoon:

D: We learned a new song in music class today…

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When I see a new book I want to read and don’t want to forget, I purchase the Kindle version and add it to my evermore full, yet still the same size and weight electronic device. It is seldom that I find the time to read the book when everyone is talking about it, so my writing about current books is showing off. See, I do read! (Actually I started this essay the first of December, so it may not be timely anyway!)

First, I found a vulnerable memoir in Michelle Obama’s book Belonging. There were some perceptions she had…

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What is this thing called cancer? Only a word, but the emotions and feelings associated with it are immense: feelings of overwhelm, dread, anger, feelings that life is immediately altered and will end far sooner than planned, that what was planned now must change. The new normal includes massive changes in personal choices, in chemicals, finances, preparation. The impact is on the individual, spouse, children, parents, extended families, and friends.

Feelings of I’m going to fight this thing. We are going to fight this thing. No matter the cost. No matter what it takes.

And then what? We do research…

Mary Rose Campbell

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